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JMS Solutions was founded with the goal of helping small businesses get on the web utilizing the limited resources normally associated with being a small business. We understand most small businesses know that they need help, but are afraid that they cannot afford "good" help. We're here to break down those misconceptions. We understand the challenges facing small business owners and general managers. Budget, personnel and time are limitations we can help you overcome.

Design comes in many formats, from simple layout of a base site to more complex site strategy plans involving interactive feedback and response interfaces. Our team members have worked on many projects which hold similar goals. They use their previous experience to create solutions for new clients without reinventing the wheel each time.

Carl Sewell wrote a book on Customer Service called "Customers For Life". In it he describes the frustrations, successes and experiences he had as a businessman. Mr. Sewell's belief in delivering superior customer service helped him to become the largest luxury automobile dealer in the USA. Our goal is to learn from Mr. Sewell's experiences as well as our own to craft a responsive, informative and generally beneficial relationship as we service your web needs.

It is not easy to describe our experience in one short paragraph. Suffice it to say, we have access to some of the industry's most experienced designers, programmers and creative talents out there. Our experience is in matching our clients' needs with their goals while not exceeding their resource constraints. See our other links for more information on past projects.

At JMS Solutions we make our customer's goals our goals.

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