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Web designers, site administrators, freelancers welcome. We want to be your web hosting provider. We are looking for individuals who are interested in partnering with us to provide complete solutions. If you have thought about becoming a reseller, or currently resell services now, we think you'll be interested to learn more about our partnerships.

Whether you have one, 5 customers, or 50, we have top tier hosting solutions which can benefit you and your clients. Single site hosting plans, dedicated servers, virtual hosting or virtual servers - it's all up to you. Choose the package(s) which best satisfy your needs.

Web Site Design
We provide commissions to our partners who send us leads which turn into sales. We feel if you make an effort to promote us, you should be rewarded.

How it works
Onetime partner:
This program is set up so you are rewarded one time for the referral you send to us. Your reward is based upon the size and scope of the project or service that referral signs up for.

Ongoing Partner:
You sign up for a virtual server to host your clients. You pay us a single monthly fee and we help you set up a number of sites on that server(s).

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Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner.

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