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Tips, Tricks and Tools

Use these helpful pages to make the most out of your site

How to get started
Building web pages can be done in many ways. There are templates, there are themes, and there are creative designs. You don't need to know how to code HTML or Javascript in your sleep to build web pages. Our best recommendation is to use an editor to do the bulk of the work.

Macromedia DreamWeaver - The tool we use, excellent flexibility and compatibility.

Adobe InDesign - We don't use it but others rave about it.

HoTMetaL Pro - An excellent shareware product.

Microsoft Frontpage - We don't recommend this program, but it is easy to learn.

For those who want to code
OK, so you like programming by hand, then by all means go for it. You should start by spending time on sites to pick up ideas on good design or have good links to resources. While we have included a few tools here, you'll flatten your learning curve by making some of the following sites part of your "favorites" or "bookmarks" and visiting them regularly. - Always something going on for developers - Excellent dynamic content which changes often

The next group of links we offer with hesitancy. Many of them have outrageous offers and banners for services which really are too good to be true. It's the content which we found worthy, the rest, well, take it as you will. web designer scripts - Some good scripts. If you're looking for links to Javascripts or "free" code, then this is a good place to start.

Matt's Web design sripts and toolsMatt's Scripts - Everyone knows these scripts, our provider even installs some of these as tools for our use. Form Mail, Guest book and more. High quality scripts. Tools for web designers - If you're interested in joining a group not affiliated with any particular vendor, here's a good one. They have plenty of links to other resources. Some links go right to the original leaders of the web W3C and NCSA.

Visit their Resources pages for a great "free" education.

While there are others out there, start with these. If you find some you feel deserve to be here instead then by all means send us a note.

Want to make those pages look good? Here are some more tools which can help.

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